Software as Craft 2009, 14-16 May

Almost 150 participants attended the first conference in a new format in Moldova - Software as Craft.
A total of 9 talks were delivered by 8 speakers in the course of two days. The photos can be viewed also by entering here.

We'd like to thank everyone who came to the conference and helped organize it as without you this event would have not been possible.

We also hope to get a feedback from you so that we can improve the quality of the next one both in organization and content delivered

The Software As Craft conference is a unique event in Moldova. It is meant to strengthen the interaction and facilitate the dialogue between members of local IT community.

We're happy to present to you highly experienced speakers from the Silicon Valley - the well known center of software engineering innovations. The speakers are coming right from the field and are on the front edge of evolution of the modern IT world. The scene will be shared by guest speakers and your colleagues from local software companies.

Don't lose your chance to:

  • Catch up with new trends in technology
  • Meet colleagues and discuss other organisations’ experiences
  • Listen to executive level speakers from the field and get answers

Be sure to check the "Speakers" and "Talks" sections of the site to get more details.

Thank you all for your interest for this event.